NatFrame is an attempt to make the windows under Magic look a bit better. The idea behind it is to allow the user to have textures instead of the usual grey color. Wouldn't it be nice to have wooden panel windows? Or maybe a rocky looking theme like the one offered below? Perhaps you settle with the simple blue-theme that's also available...
From this version NatFrame gives you textures in 16 and 256 colours as well as 15, 16, 24, and 32 bit resolutions, but it now also requires NVDI 5.
There is also a theme designer available, for you to make your own themes! To download all this go to the download page.

Here are two screenshots showing what NatFrame currently looks like:
Full screen screenshot (279KB)
Single window screenshot (42KB)
Full screen screenshot of 16 colours screen (78KB)
Full screen screenshot of 256 colours screen (130KB)

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