SuperVidel downloads:

HW VHDL SW overview A schematic overview of the SuperVidel hardware and its VHDL code structure, as well as a short description of available software tools and drivers, both Atari and PC. Updated 2012-03-12.

SuperVidel Memory Map Describes all SuperVidel registers and where the graphics RAM lies. Updated 2012-03-12.

SuperVidel installation manual Describes how to install the SuperVidel in various cases. Revision 1. Updated 2012-04-30.

EtherNat downloads:

EtherNat JED-file from Dec 10th 2010 for the CPLD firmware, that fixes the floodping bug and attempts better compatibility with the CTPCI.

EtherNat MiNTNet driver v0.1, including source code.

USB pin configuration of the EtherNat. Look at the first example.

Files which have to do with NatFrame:

NatFrame v1.1b This zip-file now includes the necessary SAVE_PAL.PRG too...
The Designer v1.1b
Stone1 A theme for NatFrame. Itīs a quite large file.
Blue A theme for NatFrame. There's two slightly different versions in the archive.

Games (previews), and utilites:

Aces High beta version of 2000-12-30. Run it to see how Aces High looks like now. This is in no way guaranteed to work on any falcon. However it works on my falcon, and you should run it under clean TOS for maximum chance of working.

Battle 1.0 A strategy game for GEM, two players and for all Ataris. Nature/Atari division's first official production. As for now doesn't have any AI.

Lands of Fantasy Preprepreprepreview of Lands of Fantasy, a fantasy RPG under development by Nature/Atari division. Falcon only.

Height-field creator Create height-fields for use with POV, save in .TGA. Programmed in 68k assembly by InStream of Nature and as yet is veeery slooow. It is also provided as is, with no documentation.

Shell for easier(= faster) assembling of DSP-source It's not that much fun having to run Everest, assemble with a56, convert using out2lod, and then it might work...

Megablast 0.3 Megablast, 320x240 in 256 colours. Falcon only. Very early version.

Reeking Rubber v0.9 (Lotus) Preview of a Lotus clone for Falcon030. Runs in 320x240xTC on both RGB and VGA. Needs 4MB.

Sample frequency converter v1.0 This D2D-utility converts samples (large ones) from 49170Hz to 44.1kHz or 48kHz. A useful tool if you don't have a 44.1kHz clock, but still want to sample songs and encode MP3s.

Get Swedish keyboard setup under Magic 6
Possibly also under Magic 5, or any other version that use the KEYTABLS.SYS-way of changing the keyboard mapping. Includes Swedish and English documentation.

Some of the above programs are not accessible, since we haven't put them on the server, or they have become so old that they have 'disappeared'. ;-)

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