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Megablast (working name)

Megablast is a shoot-'em-up type of game, in 256 colours 320x240 with mostly 50fps screen update. The meaning of creating this game is not to make some new weird type of shoot-'em-up, but to give the Falcon scene a really classic game.

The game will have a wide array of weapons, including seeking missiles and plasma. Many different and complicated AI's help making the game entertaining without that 'STOS'-feeling (nothing bad about STOS, just that most of the games created with it are half-hearted attempts. A very positive thing about STOS though, is that it's often the starting point for skilled assembly coders).

Here you can download the latest version of Megablast

Screen shots from Megablast as it is now:

First screen-shot Second screen-shot Third screen-shot
Fourth screen-shot Fifth screen-shot
There are some minor faults on the above screen-shots, like lost colours...

Development of Megablast is currently stopped. Although the main game engine is 99% finished, the amount of work needed to implement even the smallest space ship would make it a very time-consuming project. Instead we're coding on a Lotus clone for the Falcon030.

If you want to contact us for any reason, our E-mail address is hencox@hotmail.com, or monalisa@algonet.se (the latter preferred)

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