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Lands of Fantasy

Lands of Fantasy is an RPG for up to four players. It is much like HeroQuest on the ST, but with some major differences and improvements. The game is played in 320x480xTC, and has texturemapped walls and floors. This would be good enough all on its own, but the game is made even better by using light-sourcing on the walls and floors. This adds a very nice touch to for example torches, that are at the same time animated.

The game itself is played just like HeroQuest, each player moves and maybe attacks someone and then ends his turn. After all the players have moved the monsters are in turn.

There is a total of 37 spells divided into 12 elements with 3 spells in each plus an extra spell. Weapons and armour have a limited number of 200 each, meaning that there will be as much as 200 different weapons in the game and 200 different pieces of armour. There is also the possibility for 65135 other items, that can be everything from healing potions to magic wands.

Due to the flexibility of the game there won't be any limited number of adventures released with the game, more can be created later. There is of course a price to pay for this kind of flexibility, and that is that the game will require a lot of harddisk space. The rendering of a room upon entering it will also take a couple of seconds, depending on the size and complexity of the room. The more light-sources and different textures there are, the longer it will take. But the game will only have to render each room once. After rendering, the bitmaps of each object will be stored on the harddisk, and can then be fetched quickly if a character enters the same room again. This will of course demand a lot of free harddisk space. A bit over 10MB would be about right. And the whole thing requires 4MB of ST-RAM, but of course uses FastRAM if it can find any.

Here you can download the latest version of Lands of Fantasy

Progress log:

March 10th 1996:

Texture-mapping,light-sourcing and animation implemented.

April 15th 1996:

Object-sorting added, a bit buggy but still a great improvement. RGB-support also implemented, so now both VGA and RGB supported.

September 5th 1996:

Lands of Fantasy has now been officially put on ice, due to lack of graphicians. Development might be taken up again sometime in the future.

If you want to contact us for any reason, our E-mail address is hencox@hotmail.com (Hencox) or d98gilda@dtek.chalmers.se (InSTream)

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