Aces High

Aces High is a Falcon only game for two up to four players. Each player controls a biplane, and must shoot down the other players in order to win. The planes act quite a lot like normal planes, for example it's not possible to fly straight up without stalling. The players also have to watch out for the hangars, as flying into them will lead to a crash. Though the firing-rate is quite high, six shots a second, the ammunition is limited to stop players from just flying in loops and firing constantly.

The game is almost finished now, though development is going very slowly for different reasons. What still remains to add is the sound effects and some prettier animations of the airplanes when they explode. When the game is finished, each plane will have slightly different abilities. One will be faster than the others, but stand less hits before going down, another will be slow and take a lot of hits and so on. Also bonuses will pop up in the air for the players to collect. The bonuses will give extras like more ammunition, faster engine, repair of hull etc. Update: the above features have now been implemented. Bonuses (bonii?) appear as balloons, which the players have to shoot to collect the bonus item. Go to the download page to get the latest beta version.

The game runs in 384x250xTC in 55Hz on VGA and 50Hz on RGB.

This game is coded entirely by Hencox, but will use a replay routine by Thomas of New Beat Development. InSTream makes the graphics.

Here are two screenshots showing what the game looked like before the latest beta-release:
1st screenshot
2nd screenshot

If you want to contact us for any reason, our E-mail address is (Hencox), or (InSTream)

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