Reeking Rubber (previously 'Lotus')

Have you played Lotus(I,II,III) or Outrun?

If you have an Atari and haven't played Lotus or Outrun, I can't resist saying: For how many years have you been living in a closet? ;-)

The normal answer to my first question would however be 'yes, of course I have'. If so you will most probably be glad to hear that this project is aimed at making such a game for the Falcon030!

It runs in 320x240 or 256x200 TC on both RGB and VGA, and features texture-mapped roads and sides of the road. The scenery will be of type forest, desert, city, night, snow, storm and probably even more. Though Reeking Rubber will not feature a split screen for two player mode, it will instead have a multi player mode for up to 8 players. For this RR will use STinG, so that you can play together with people in a local network or over the Internet.

Here are some screenshots of Reeking Rubber v0.9:
Screen shot #1 Screen shot #2 Screen shot #3

To download the current version of Reeking Rubber, go to either, or, or our Download page.

Here you will find the latest version of Reeking Rubber (currently 0.9).

It's most likely you'll find it first on our Download page, since the ftp sites are often slow at updating.

To read about the development of this game please visit the news section of our homepage.

If you want to contact us for any reason, our E-mail addresses are: (InStream) (Hencox)

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